August 04, 2004



Music Plasma is yet another perfect web fusion of work and not working. I haven't the time or the inclination to check whether the links it finds between groups are useful, but I could see an hour or two going down the rabbit hole before I cared. This link was sent in by Jennifer Lena, who adds another, similar log to the fire:

"Is this Sony thing an example of how copyright and conglomeration can expedite creativity? Or kill it?"

Off the dome: Boy, the Sony thing isn't nearly as fun as the Plasma thing. Boy, the whole gafuffle is just mimicking the lateral action we already get from the web. So, a new jimham has got to be fun to survive, which Plasma is, but it also needs to establish some kind of monopoly to get chosen ahead of some other jimjam, and none of these jimjams will. And I don't think sun and rain go together. OK?

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