October 06, 2004



Faith didn't come up last night, but it did give me a donut this morning. At 9:02 AM, as I neared the intersection of Chambers and West Broadway, a man handed me a Krispy Kreme and a postcard. Being a New Yorker, I ate the free food and pocketed the postcard. I took a right and walked down Chambers to Taylor's, my coffee spot. I started to open the door, but a woman cut me off and asked me to sign a release form. "They're filming and you might end up on camera," she said. Being a New Yorker, I fully expect my muffin shop to end up on a reality show, and I am not surprised when it does. The camerapeople were dormant, talking about the debate. I got my coffee, unfilmed, and headed for the train. Another man handed me another Krispy Kreme. Being a New Yorker, I told him to fuck off with his mind control donuts. Once is fine—twice, you're up to something.

And he was up to something! Namely, pimping for a church called Mosaic Manhattan Church. They don't like guilt but they do like donuts. Now when my kids begin a sentence with "We're Jewish and Mom is Jewish," they can complete it with "and Dad's a Mosaicist!"

When the donuts run out, I'm going to back the Cathars.

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