October 08, 2004



[Walking to school.]

"I need to show my bunny everything. Look. A parking lot. A terrible Hummer. A piece of metal. Wait, my bunny can comb my hair."

[Hey, now you have a new hairdo.]

"No, no, no. Only girls have hairdos. I just have hair. Just hair. All over my head."

[Dinner. Younger quiet, the elder speaks.]

"It seems weird for such a gentle person like Wanda to get her ears pierced. Itís like for somebody whoís not going into fashion and isnít trying to look their best and isnít decorating themselves but is just a regular person who might go anywhere. Itís like getting hit by a baseball. First, youíre just this regular person, and then you grow up and lookóyouíre getting hit by a baseball. And itís like Wanda. Sheís just a regular person, and then here she is getting her ears pierced."

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