November 02, 2004



I'm just gonna fucking bug the fucking fuck out. That is my considered response to red and blue states. I'm just gonna go kerplow like mac and cheese done for ten minutes instead of two. I'm fitna explarg.

How did the country not change after four years of acid test politricks? Where is my mind? How quickly can I GET THE FUCK OUT OF THIS COUNTRY?

(Long wheeze.)

OK. Here's the foul-tasting residue at the bottom of our Magical Forgetting Juice bottle: The bad guys didn't HAVE TO pull any digicrime. Motherfuckers WANT the evil, they WANT the gays to die, they DON'T FUCKING CARE that we invaded a weak and miserable country that had done little more than say 'Boo' to us and killed thousands of the women and children we found living weakly and miserably there. People want THE EVIL, and they want it MORE than they did last time.

We are not looking at the rogues gallery, but at each other.

This is the time on Sprockets when we buy airline tickets.

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