November 02, 2004



Visited a school this morning. It's been in one place for 125 years. This appeals to me.

The first pop star to feature a recorder prominently in his or her video will be receiving huge UPS trucks of money by the end of the week. This will probably happen at the moment when Major League Soccer explodes and that sport where they all jump on top of each other goes away.

Took the boys to vote. Civic loophole: Electoral District 8? Long line. Electoral District 11, ours? No line. Jonah flipped the little doohickies and Sam pulled the lever.

"That was the shortest voting ever!"

"No, we won't know for five days who the president is. That's why Mom is in Ohio, so people will know where to go."

"Well, I don't know what to say about that. It sounds atrocious."

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