February 15, 2005



Daft Punk: No, WE can disappoint everyone in ze world.

Norman Cook: Cor, I don't even remember my records! Here—take a Stoli pen and pencil set. I have tons of them.

Chemicals: Oi, do you think anyone will get through the first track on Push The Button?

Daft Punk: What, ze lame 'aff-made track wiz Q-Tip?

Chemicals: Is that who that is?

Norman: Don't worry! Memenory is an elephant! Here, have a smoothie.

Chemicals: Codswallop, Norman. You and your guest spots. Boosty Collins could sell a melted ice cube and you give him "The Joker." And then you do that "I feel disdain for my audience" crap with that cat video.

Norman: Cats and kittens. [Throwing up and speaking at the same time] I came to jam.

Daft Punk: Ha ha ha. I want him to DJ when I marry my Palm Pilot.

Chemicals: Hope you've saved up a bit of the Discovery loot. That new CD is shite, Jean-Paul. It sounds like you left the room halfway through each track.

Daft Punk: Take ze EEEEE out of your nose, heavy metal hippy. You do not even know if we were ever in ze room to begin with. Take some more acid, warmongerz!

Chemicals: You'd be nothing without Pierre Gondry!

Daft Punk: Suck my left diode. It takes two of you to be as ugly as one of me.

Chemicals: Oi! Berk!

Daft Punk: Bah! You are scared of EU like little girl who is seeing spidairz!

[Rumpus ensues, gentle dancefloor vibes flow.]

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