February 28, 2005



Alessandra Stanley drops the bomb on the red carpet crew, drops the bomb, drops the bomb. She correctly identifies a dire lack of Cherity. Fuck all these “meet the Queen” gowns. They’re movies. Movies have feathers in them. And mirrors. Ask Laura Mulvey, whut.

In general, the Oscars™ are like a bicycle chain going around; the show might go faster or slower but it will not turn into a rocketship or a fork. What I enjoyed: “The Incredibles” getting some dap, Chris Rock’s Bush-as-Gap-employee riff, and the Carson clips. How cool and calm was his gangsta lean? How good was the line about President Carter working for your safe release after 145 days of the Oscars? His “new faces on the old faces” line did all the snarkwork Robin Williams’ dried ham sandwich never will.

Jorge Drexler’s acceptance song was sweet, cool and dignified. And he, like, sang. How did he sing? Wouldn’t you be having reflux and seeing spots?

UPDATE: Breaking bilingual beef! (Scroll down.)

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