March 16, 2005



You know who is clever? The Hollywood Poilce. Read why, below, in an excerpt from an actual press release sent by an actual publicist:

"SLASH’s trademark black top hat--one of rock’s most recognizable images--is finally back in his possession after it was missing for over four weeks. The acclaimed guitarist’s hat was taken from his limo the night of the 2005 Grammy Awards (Sunday, February 13) in Los Angeles. It was recently recovered by the Hollywood Police Department, who are still conducting an investigation.

SLASH has owned this black top hat for over 15 years and it’s traveled around the world with him. “It’s at the point where I only wear that particular hat to special engagements like photo shoots and the Grammys, etc.” SLASH notes. “I don’t take it on the road.” It was at the Grammys where VELVET REVOLVER won for “Best Hard Rock Performance” for their #1 single “Slither” and performed The Beatles song “Across The Universe” along with an all-star lineup of vocalists.

“All things considered,” SLASH said, “it was such a blown out of proportion, wacky scenario. I’m still getting reports from all over the world that someone’s got the hat. I’m just glad to have it back and we’ll see what the cops come up with as far as who stole it.” He continues: “It was a trip to go sit in the little room at the police station and they came in with a box and opened it up. I saw it and said, ‘Yeah, that’s it’.""

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