March 17, 2005



Jack Alou writes in with some information that, embarassingly, is news to us:

"Those Billboard figures are wacky. Thought I'd let you know, as others probably have: labels, starting at about mid-indie range, tend to ask their bands to fill out Soundscan sheets at each show: you write down how many you sold, the clubowner or booker signs the sheet (as though he were monitoring that shit or something) and then you're supposed to fax it in the next morning. Reliability varies, as few people carry cash registers while many get drunk during shows, and who wants to fill out numbers sheets when they're drunk?"

Today is the day we get The Hat. (Relevant model not pictured on site.)

What is with people sneaking smokes in clubs? Dudes, plural, there is A LAW. STOP SMOKING. I am not trying to smell like you.

And don't join an online typing lesson site, because they send you these hella-guilt inducing updates: "Hello Sasha Frere-Jones, you are receiving this message because you created a user account with on February 28, 2005. Learn2Type has been awarded the prestigious 'StudyWeb® Academic Excellence Award' as one of the best educational resources on the Web; and has been featured in the Yahoo! Internet Life Magazine "101 Most Incredibly Useful Sites".

Although you have not visited us since February 28, 2005 your account is still active."

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