March 14, 2005



I can see why you might spend your life trying to relive the moment when you really heard Highway 61 Revisited for the first time, as I did on Saturday, while cleaning the house and craigslisting old baby gear. It was like hearing "Rocking It" by the Fearless Four or "Buffalo Gals," or some other shit that made me feel like I had been turned into a vacuum sucking the world in through my nose. (Sunday, I heard someone with "Rocking It/Man Machine" as their polyphonic. Easily the best ringtone of the last few months. Where did they get that?)

iPod? Still scared of its curatorial bent. Cornelius' Point? So slept on. So wrong, this sleeping. The Charlie Watts on "Bitch"? Makes me want to have five kinds of sex all at once and then listen to "Bitch," again, at the same time, before I had even thought of doing it. And then came, true segue (no pomo), "Bitch Niggaz" by Trillville. Fun programming quirk, but not a great transition and it's a b-list track by New South standards.

Converge? Still heart 4ever.

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