March 14, 2005


graf detail.jpg

Sean Fennessy, of Hardly Art and Complex, writes:

"As for what Nick put you up on, a lot of bombers I've talked to/interviewed have told me they fucking hate it when newbies co-opt a classic tag to make a name for themselves. To say it's "custom" for writers to do it is half-accurate. They gets no respect for it from the old guard."

I have no data of my own to add to this debate. The last time I really wrote—Kraze 12, and if you find my one public tag, you're some kind of criminal/masochist genius—I sort of knew one dude who was with Rolling Thunder Writers, maybe. That's about it. I was mostly a fan then, and definitely just a guy taking pictures now. I have no idea what the byways and laws are now.

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