March 31, 2005



Click here to listen to DJ Kool Herc, who is both DNA-level important and genuinely friendly. Click here to buy a box sets of mixes by Certified Bananas. They must be good mixes because the people who mixed these mixes call themselves Certified Bananas and you can’t lie on the web because Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez is watching every word you type and he will come to your house and punch you with a rusty grill tool if you fib.

The somewhat defensively designed and named “the best mashups in the world ever are from San Francisco” CD just arrived. It’s also [insert your own, new fruit-related slang], with unusually hi-fi audio for a mash collection. The sequencing is strong, making it a better album than the British CD it is detourning. There are no world-changing tracks like “Stroke of Genius” or “Smells Like Booty” on the SF compilation, because the world-changing portion of the mashup program is over.

If you like Chris Morris or Ricky Gervais, then click here. You probably already have.

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