April 01, 2005


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Is the instrumental for "Headsprung" in a Caress shower wash ad? Anyway.

Neighborhood update: Roger Rees is filming a film around the corner. A lady from Out Hud works at my kids' pediatrician's office.

There was a woman on the train Tuesday night carrying a platter of bagels home. A morning meeting, you're guessing, and she hung onto the leftovers. But there was no Saran Wrap over the platter, no attempt to make it roadworthy. The big plate was perched on her knee, like she'd taken it directly out of the building, never once thinking that at, like, 6 PM, a lot of people might be jostling her bagel arrangement. I couldn't watch, and got into another car.

The following are neither recent events, nor necessarily from my immediate area, but they feel related:

A man on the R playing a handheld cassette ambiently and writing rhymes in a notebook. (I thought we had machines to do that stuff.)

A pink Vespa with a beige suede seat parked, no lock, outside Subway.

A man biting into a Power Bar with the metal plastic wrapping still on, chewing the whole kit and kaboodle. Didn't see if he swallowed it all.

Woman walking down Thompson Street, watching her own breasts, once, then twice, in a supervisory way.

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