April 01, 2005



Several friends and strangers have written, asking a variation on one question: "Why do you like that Beck album?" The implication is implicated. My story, though it should not be called that, goes like this: I loved the obviously great records; had more time for Midnite Vultures than my friends; loved "Nobody's Fault But Mine" off Mutations but might not recognize another song from that album; thought Sea Change never got anywhere and, for the most part, forgot dude existed for a couple of years. Then I got the new album, played it, kept playing it, and experienced no dimunition of pleasure. No—I liked it more each time. The sound quality, all by itself, makes the hairs on my neck stand up. I have no theory about his new place viz. his old place or what my opinion says about me or Beck. I am at peace with this.

WTF Deparment Update: "World Wrestling Entertainment® announced that movie superstar Sylvester Stallone will be on hand to induct legendary WWE Superstar Hulk Hogan into the WWE Hall of Fame on Saturday night, April 2, 2005. Stallone first met Hogan when he cast him in the memorable role of “Thunderlips” in Rocky III."

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