April 27, 2005



Last night, Julianne and I saw The Futureheads performing at a Spin/Newcastle Ale/Merck/iTunes/Beatrice/Lockheed corpo handjob unplugged show. Because they are made of approximately 75% White Music and 25% Setting Sons, it is medically impossible for me to not like The Futureheads. That said, I have now seen them three times and am fairly sure that I am actually experiencing their music, and not simply feeling the buzz of old triggers.

I love that (and how) the band commits. They're never too cool for the room, never too special to do the job. They all play hard, they all sing, they all make themselves present for their own music. In this instance, they managed, impressively, to overcome the deep anti-vibes of a space beneath a staircase in the buttcrack of an office building.

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