May 18, 2005



I didn't expect to see my favoritest band ever, twice, and to get physically involved in "Anthrax" once. Nothing much to say, except I started casting the biopic:

Clive Owen: Jon King
Edward Norton, Jr: Dave Allen
Philip Seymour Hoffman: Hugo Burnham.
I can't really figure out Gill. Comeback role for William Hurt? Dunno.

Here's Jack Alou on Megadeth:

"Yeah, Mustaine's voice is a mosquito chainsaw. But the first two deth albums (underrepresented on the greatest-hits you've got) are packed with riffs and moshable beats, which were what counted back then - not caring about the singer was what set the street-level stuff apart from the people who followed Metallica; eventually, death & black metal decided that actually we oughta have vocals that immediately set up a barrier between the music & broader acclaim. This strategy wasn't entirely effective, as the emo/metalcore yowl has made signifigant inroads into the mainstream, but it bought the subculture - whose subcultural identity was (I say this without derision; I think this is a valid thing, not a "caught you!" thing) a big part of its appeal - some time.

Also, they fucking shredded live, which counted for a great deal in the heady days of thrash; people bought the records to learn the words, the show was the thing."

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