June 06, 2005



Here is a column about The White Stripes and here is a Pop Note about the new Coldplay album. It was fun to see Jon hating yesterday, because he doesn't put his smack down very often, but we're not hating on this new record for the same reason. I don't find Coldplay self-pitying; if anything, I wish Martin would stop playing nurse and think about himself a little bit. I'd like to hear him wild out or, barring that, just do the old Coldplay thing, which presented as a less self-satisfied nursiness. I was a fan of A Rush of Blood To The Head; I liked the band the way they were. Jon straight up can't stand them, which I respect, but that isn't my lookout. I wanted to drop unexpected love on X&Y, but they fucked with the recipe! "Clocks" was fine!

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