June 06, 2005




Katharine Mitchell writes:

1. The Number Two Middle School hosted a singing contest on Tuesday. My class sang an exuberant number entitled, "Wo ai Zhonghua." Translation: I love Chinese.

2. My exclusive tour of the Zhenjiang Waste Management and Water Treatment Facility of Zhenjiang disintegrated into a swirling vat of beijiu—the legal white lightning of China. The sewage plant is outfitted with its own karoke joint, and the shit went down when my head teacher made advances, his wife foxtrotting only steps away with a deputy vice principal.

3. Forget barbed wire. Recycle beer bottles to fight theft and crime.

4. Kick 'em when they're up, kick 'em when they're down. Leave your dirty laundry outside the church; let Jesus clean you inside.



Related by a thin, national thread: I cannot stop fucking with the jasmine tea with black tapioca at Tea & Tea at 51 Mott, corner of Bayard. Call ahead—212.766.9889—and they'll have your order ready.

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