July 12, 2005



Jerry Logaras writes: "Fage will not (directly) spackle your arteries with fat and cause heart attacks. Fage and other Greek yogurt is simply strained much, much, much longer than our stateside counterparts, so the water in the yogurt goes away and a much purer yogurt remains."

Jordan corroborates: "The sick thing is, the 0% is thicker than American too. But it's straight up yogurt—they just STRAIN it. The finer tzatzikis are just Fage, cucumber, and ten times as much garlic as you would think is ok. Haven't tried the sheep version, but I hear it's bananas."

Geeta expands: "Indians are big on the strained yogurt thing as well. There are lots of parallels between Indian and Greek food—raita is tzatziki's cousin, after all. There's an Indian dessert called shrikhand that I highly recommend trying. It's strained yogurt Greek-style, whipped with powdered sugar until silky-smooth and infused with saffron. Insanely good."

Jim Haljun reports: "My wife is Greek and we have been living on Fage for years, but you should know that all the Snob Hillers in chowtown San Francisco are into St. Benoit yogurt. Or, you can roll your own."

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