July 24, 2005



Big up to junco partner, Chris Wilcha. The show is great—Showtime needs to jump on it.

Killa Kyleon is not the only killing K in business. These two recent pieces make it clear—as do many of K's pieces—that if there were a finals in this crit racket, they would go to at least six games. (Who runs these Pulitzers? Why doesn't K have one? Must he cover a gig on the Andrea Doria from his Treo before he gets his institutional dap?)

Thanks to Jonathan Shainin for this link. Go on—worry about the Fourth Amendment. You've got time.

And mea culpa and shit. Candice pointed out that this post is factually incorrect. Fox doesn't own Pax. NBC does. The bulk of the post probably applies to any major telecorp, but the originally applied angle of emphasis no longer works. We'll leave it as is, all fucked up.

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