December 21, 2005



Will rap turn out to be for, and by, white people? Jane reminded me yesterday that the first rap song to hit Number One on The Billboard Hot 100 was Johann “Hans” Hölzel’s “Rock Me Amadeus.” This happened on March 29, 1986. Eminem can let go of that whole “White America” apologia and enjoy his billions now. Harder still for anyone clinging to distinctions between bad and good, is the fact that Sketch Hop is that next shit. Things have not yet become so confusing that Sketch Hop is more enjoyable, more often, than Lil’ Wayne or Jeezy, but it now seems unwise at this point in history to wear anybody’s uniform, or to bet on anything. (Thank to Murray siblings for the links.)

And if you were wondering:

1. Rakim
2. Jay-Z
3. Snoop
4. Ice Cube
5. Chuck D
6. Shock G
7. LL Cool J
8. Ghostface
9. Ludacris
10. Ad Rock

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