May 10, 2006



Gig injuries we've been worried about.

Dita Von Teese: Possible Champagne Butt, or maybe just Champagne Elbow. It was hard to see.

It was not hard to see Roxanne Stephen reissue her hair and bring back the head-shake for Th' Faith Healers's reunion show. It was hard, though, not to worry that she was going to wake up with serious Punk Neck.

And at the Gorillaz show, we almost suffered Camera Loss. Why the ushers didn't want me blowing up Ms. Buffalo Stance is a question only they can answer. But we can answer this: Do people in New York know who Shaun Ryder is? Not so much. Weirder still: Why did he look so sober and fit? Is that some new idea?

Monica Bill Barnes has been courting Tube Sock Wipeout recklessly, for years. We are suggesting maybe shoes, or at least more rubbery socks.

The biggest potential injury of all—WHICH LOOMS LARGE FOR ALL OF MY BROTHERS AND SISTERS IN THE GREAT, BEAUTIFULLY MULTIRACIAL COMMUNITY OF NEW YORK, SO PLEASE LISTEN TO THIS DENOTATIVE STATEMENT—is Rock Lung. What is with this lawlessness? Everywhere? Why am I inhaling your illegal freaking 1985 overstock cigarette? PUT IT OUT, TURDY MCGURDY. You are going to stink up my threads, light the drapes on fire and generally HARSH OUT YOUR BROTHER.

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