August 02, 2006



Look above and you will see what the crowd does when the band plays "Not Ready To Make Nice." (The signs read "THANK YOU," if it's not clear.) Here is Natalie singing that song, and here are Emily, Natalie and Martie playing a song which did not make anybody hold up a sign.

Natalie gave Mel Gibson a shout-out, and remarked that if she had entered rehab and said she was drunk at the time of The Incident™, she'd have gotten off the hook.

The lights went down after every song.

One wonders what would have happened if The Beatles had sulked for three years after John's "bigger than Christ" comment. Or, put another way: If this had been rap beef, the Dixies and Toby Keith would have put out their songs right away—oh, wait, he did—and the whole thing would have been wrapped up in a few months. As it is, their self-regard (WE ARE ALL WEARING BLACK) has extended an interesting moment past its interestingness and lost them a chunk of their audience either by a) boring the core lefties to death; or b) not being the right form of contrite for the rightists.

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