January 17, 2007



Last night, a young friend was talking about her boyfriend's fondness for Explosions In The Sky, which triggered my Slint war stories, which in turn triggered a "What the fuck am I on about?" pause. As discussed earlier, styles are always up for grabs, especially when the originator (if Band Zero can even be determined) is out of business. I have never felt the alleged rush and push of EITS, but I can't rate them or Mogwai on their degree of Slint-biting. This game is full of brilliant biters, and often the second one up to bat scores the runs. (Sly Stone?)

I think of this while listening to Good Shoes, who remind me of Maxïmo Park with more Rough Trade and less Virgin, and MP reminded me of a less good Futureheads, who are in turn super-rooted in XTC. And the old man might want to wave around "White Music" and scream "THIS is the cramped fist style!" but honestly who gives a. You know what William Faulkner said (apocryphal) when someone asked him to talk about what Hollywood had done to his books?

"Done to them? They haven't done anything—they're all right there on the shelf."

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