August 24, 2007



Reader Vanessa Lann writes:

“They’ve been rebuilding the Stedelijk Museum for two or three years now, and there’s a temporary Stedelijk Museum next to the Amsterdam Central Station. The former building was located next to the Van Gogh Museum on Paulus Potterstraat. I think they plan to bring that one back into being when all the renovations are completed. That’s probably why the Politie people were confused; it might not be on any maps at the moment.”

If you think politie should mostly be preventing college kids from getting run over by bicyclists when they come out of the Bob Marley coffee shop all mellow yellow, this ignorance is no big deal. But I examined the map with young po-po dude. I just looked up both Stedelijk addresses on the web—they were both visible on his little map. So, if you come to Amsterdam, make sure you have someone from The Hague (or perhaps Newark) show you around.

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