July 25, 2009



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July 24, 2009



It is OBVIOUS that our local police force is not protecting our INTERESTS, so I have taken up the slack!!! Although my research has already been published on my website, I have decided to create a PHYSICAL COPY of my surveillance work in case something “happens” to me. I know that Harold Milk recorded a secret tape and they made an Oscar movie out of that weird stuff.

(I have put the INFORMATION after “the jump”—this is ONLY FOR CONCERNED PEOPLE, not TROLLS.)


Dateline: July 7, 2009

Location: My street, 12:35 PM

Situation: A man of total non-whiteness approached an opulent home on this block. This is the same house that I was not allowed to buy because of a racist credit report that misrepresented my valuable debt portfolio. The subject approached the front door in arrogant manner with a shiny, key-shaped object. (Please see my extensive file on LOOK-ALIKE CRIMINALS: cf. shoe-bomber, spoon-waver, etc.) The subject was dressed misleadingly in judge’s robes, which were probably rumpled and may have been stained on the collar, by drugs. It is hard to examine subjects from a distance of three hundred feet—yet more proof that my house arrest was DESIGNED to INTERFERE with my work!!!

The subject entered the house, flagrantly, and did not appear to be displaying the Resident Lanyard I have recommended that all local residents wear. (A community board response is STILL pending!!!) The subject had parked a suspiciously anonymous Prius in the “parallel” style, a well-known COLD WAR TACTIC used to create distractions. In this case, the subject wanted to prevent The Public from noticing that there is NO PBA STICKER affixed to his car, at least not on the side that I can see from my porthole.

The subject entered and exited home multiple times with blue plastic “recycling bags,” the number ONE ploy for transporting Mexican Drugs into American States. At no point was the subject seen talking on a cellular phone, which is just plain weird. I telephoned the police to report this potential incident. The police claimed that they “knew” the subject. I added a demerit to the Collaborationist Police column.

Epidermal coloration of subject: Coffee with one cream.

Intensity of alarming information: 62.2 (see attached Excel spreadsheet for my “Fear Metrics”)

Number of suspicious actions: 13 (see same)


Date: July 12, 2009

Location: MY STREET, 3:35 PM

Situation: A very swarthy woman exited a home that is located two doors down from mine. The subject was acting “tired,” though she was obviously carrying C4 ingredients: Comet, Windex, a bucket in which one can mix explosives and rubber gloves to conceal her fingerprints. The subject paused to catch breath and “wipe her brow,” a common method for distracting Volunteer Public Servants™ while “casing the joint.” After waiting for an hour—easily enough time to case ALL cars and homes—the subject was picked up by a very brown person driving an SUV mule vehicle. This motorist was most likely her Mexican Drugs Connector. The subject performed an obviously rehearsed “kissing and hugging” routine with the driver, who appeared to have “BLING” installed throughout his car. (The bling-like glint may have been a product of interactions between sunlight and the rear-view mirror. I am trying to review forensic data retrieved from my cell-phone camera, but my mother’s dialup is slow.) I telephoned the police, who did not return my calls.

Epidermal coloration of subject: Vinyl football left in sun.

Intensity of alarming information: 52.9

Number of suspicious actions: 9 (UNDER REVIEW)


Date: July 19, 2009

Location: MY STREET, 5:15 PM

Situation: A police officer of African descent has been assigned to check on my compliance with the court agreement. Said officer walked loudly and rhythmically to my front door, and greeted me in a phony English accent. The officer called me “Mr. Arrington,” though I am technically “Dr. Arrington.” (The police continually refuse to acknowledge online PhDs, which are VERY COMMON in the Active White Community.) When the officer discovered that I was complying with the terms of my sentencing, he left me with a very pretentious “Good day, sir.” Is that how these people think we talk? WHAT YEAR IS IT, 1935? LOL!!! Officer did not ask to enter my home, leaving his police work miserably half-done. I could be making my own satellite dish from free bank pens or constructing small IEDs and storing them in milk cartons. (I am not doing these things, nor would I know how to.) I telephoned the police to lodge a complaint and was left on hold for close to eight seconds.

Epidermal coloration of subject: Psychedelic ebony.

Intensity of alarming information: 78.8

Number of suspicious actions: 4 (UNDER REVIEW)


Date: July 22, 2009

Location: MY STREET, 2:15 PM

Situation: Two healthy youths were running down the street, one holding a very modest and intelligent-looking laptop which was, cleverly, still attached to a power cable. The police were in pursuit of these virtuous youths, accompanied by a Crying Person of Color. Visually graduate students, the subjects looked like they might be researching WEIRDLY LIBERAL COURTS or STRANGE TAXATION PRACTICES. There were no obvious grounds for police action beyond the Upset Person’s yowling: “That’s my laptop, and they stole it from me while I was working on my thesis at the coffee shop.” (The Upset Person may have been an Upset Israeli or a Cute Caucasian Back From Vacation. Again, the ASIAN cellular phone camera is not yielding RELIABLE data.) The police apprehended the brave young men with unwarranted force and made them surrender the computer, an act that may have slowed the NEW WAVE of Truth Bringing. Inexplicably, the youths were handcuffed. I could not hear the “Miranda Rights” being read to the youths. (The innocent subjects were almost two blocks away when apprehended.) I telephone the police instantly and lodged an Amicus Brief, which they found amusing, displaying an obvious misunderstanding of Checks and Balances in America.

Epidermal coloration of subject: N/A.

Intensity of alarming information: 0.

Number of suspicious actions: none.

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