May 09, 2005



(This is a photo of an untitled relief print from 1999 by Christian Marclay, currently hanging at MoMA. You are sensing, by now, that I took a trip to the museum with my camera. I did. It was months ago. I don't know why I left them sitting there so long.)

Out goes "Slow Fade," a piece about Slint, and in comes "The Declaimers," a piece about The Mountain Goats and The Hold Steady. The print version of the magazine is always easier on the eyes than the online version, what with the Caslon Light and the pretty pictures. This axiom is more axiomatic than ever today. In fact, if you can lay your hands on the thing itself, I'd rather you didn't click on the link until you've seen a hard copy and the four photos that represent, in my admittedly compromised view, a minor but significant triumph.

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